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Set-Up to Soar!
Coaching to Support Diverse New Hires

It’s no secret that many new hires struggle to be successful in a new company. This even happens to new hires who have been super stars in a previous environment.

  • They may have difficulties ramping up efficiently
  • They may exhibit derailing behavior early in their new role
  • They may become disappointed with the new organization’s culture or have difficulty assimilating.

Minority leaders and professionals face particular challenges in integrating into a new organization, demonstrating their worth, and finding internal role-models and mentors. Progressive companies go to great lengths to acquire the best and brightest talent possible and are then disappointed to find that many of their minority recruits leave within the first year.

In the first 90 days, it is critical that new hires (particularly those in leadership roles):

  • gain the support of key stakeholders
  • listen and show appreciation for the organization’s culture
  • create early wins

During a time of intensive performance pressure, they often also experience considerable dissonance about joining the new organization and have concerns about whether they are right for the new role.

Visible minorities, women hired into a male-dominated workforce, and even candidates with thinking or interpersonal styles that are atypical for the hiring organization, all deal with a further set of challenges at both the conscious and unconscious level.

Set up to Soar! is a unique coaching program that provides an invaluable “safe place” for diverse new hires to sift through these concerns, remain focused on the expectations at-hand, access useful strategies and prevent an ill-considered decision to leave.

Our Associate male and female coaches come from a wide range of cultural, racial, academic and coach training backgrounds. They are well-versed in dealing with challenges related to majority privilege, micro-inequities, cross-cultural sensitivities, geographical context, etc. and bring an ever-curious mindset to learning in collaboration with their clients.

Our program follows the principles from Clearing the 90-Day Hurdle™, Development by Design’s highly-regarded onboarding coaching program. The content is customized to support each new hire with the additional layer of complexity that results from being a “minority” relative to the hiring organization’s demographics or culture.

You’ve worked hard to attract your exceptionally strong and diverse new talent. Don’t let this talent whither after joining your organization.

Set your new talent up to soar!

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  • Gain the support of key stakeholders
  • Listen and show appreciation for the organization’s culture
  • Create early wins

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